7 Things You Can Do to DOUBLE Your Online Donations in 2018!

Imagine for a second what double the funds could do for your cause. Perhaps you get to feed more people or build more shelters for homeless people.

Whatever your cause, let the feeling of having the money to cover your needs overcome you. Soak that in for a moment.

Now come back to reality. Open your budget and look at how much of it is funded. My bet is that the warm, fuzzy feeling just dried up.

The reality is, you could do with more funds for your organisation. We could all do with more money. Yet raising those funds always seems like an uphill battle. People's attention can wane and attracting new donators to your cause gets more difficult.

Not all is lost though! With a few key strategies, you can increase your non-profit’s online donations. The idea is to get better at playing the attention game and get creative.

Online success is all about creating a smooth and easy way for donors to find you and make their donations. When you think about it, these are the strategies that all big websites use to attract both traffic and attention – why would a non-profit be any different?

So, together, let’s explore how to increase online donations using simple, yet powerful, tips that successful websites employ to keep their causes moving forward.


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Keep it simple

Keep your online donations page simple. This is not the place to experiment with the latest in cutting-edge features. A donor wants to complete their donation in the fastest way possible.

This goes back to people’s attention spans getting shorter. Between news alerts, social media updates and all the info we are bombarded with each day, chances are that your donor’s mind is tired. Make your online donations page painless for them.

How do you do that? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. 1. Make the donation button easy to find everywhere on your website
  2. 2. The donations button should use a contrasting colour scheme to make it easier to find
  3. 3. Cut out clutter from your donations page, i.e. reduce the amount of information you collect from them to the bare minimum.
  4. 4. Reduce the number of steps/clicks required to make a donation

This creates a smooth and straightforward experience for your donors, helping to increase online donation frequency.

Implement recurring donations

Recurring donations provide a source of dependable income for your non-profit. It's the same principle that big websites use with subscriptions. A recurring transaction removes the hassle for the donor always having to remember to donate. It’s exactly the same premise as setting up a direct debit.

Including a recurring donation option tops recommended website design tips for non-profits. Why? Because it works brilliantly and it's easy to implement.

In most cases, all you have to do on your online non-profit donations page is include a checkbox. That checkbox gives the donor the option of making their donation recurring. You can provide specific schedules for donations e.g. monthly, quarterly or annually.

You can also include a specific figure along with the schedules. This eliminates work and thought on the donor’s part.

Use the power of suggestion and limited choice

Limited choices reduce mental fatigue. You are more likely to make a choice when you have three options than when faced with a hundred. It's why many shops will stock the 5 most popular brands instead of every available brand.

Suggesting specific figures for donors makes it easy for them to give. All they have to do is pick an amount that appeals to them. Consider the following website design tips for charities when implementing donation choices.

  1. 1. Use 3 - 4 reasonable amounts. They can go from modest to generous
  2. 2. Aim for an average figure given what your donors typically give
  3. 3. Provide a description of impact each level of donation makes possible

Humans are visual creatures. We also love a good story. Using visual cues and painting a picture of the impact each donation level accomplishes helps you increase your non-profit online donations. It also enhances your cause in the minds of your donors.

Let your brand shine

Your brand tells a story. It’s how potential donors recognise you from the crowd. The colours you use, the fonts and message should be consistent throughout your online presence.

Your brand should also shine on the donations page.

This provides potential donors with a sense of security. You want that. You want your donors to feel secure because they are trusting a web presence with their personal details and hard-earned cash.

So how do you make brand shine on your non-profit donations page? Here are a few tips:

  1. 1. Use the same colours as the ones used on the rest of the website
  2. 2. Include your name and logo at the top of the page
  3. 3. Use the same font as the one used on the rest of the site where possible


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Go mobile

Nowadays, everything is mobile. Think of the huge range of things that you do on your smartp

hone each day. You can check email, read the news, watch videos, facetime with your kids, get work done and so much more.

Essentially, most people are connected to their phones 24/7 - and so is your potential donor.

This is why making your non-profit online donations page mobile friendly is paramount. Most modern websites come with a mobile-ready version, but if your website is more than 3 years old, it will most likely need mobile optimising.

To really up your game, implement some of the following tips:

  1. 1. Use shorter paragraphs on the donations page
  2. 2. Cut clutter on the page by reducing fields and icons
  3. 3. Use a vertical scrollable layout which works best on smartphones
  4. 4. Keep the content under a page in length

Get social

Social media has swallowed the world. We tweet, update, like, follow and capture moments every day. Social media is a great interactive way for you to spread the message about your cause. It’s a great way to connect with a diverse group of people passionate about your work.

Social media also provides an effective way to promote your non-profit online donations page. You can do this directly or by providing an option for donors on your profile pages to share or broadcast their donations.

Make it fun by including an option for your donors to customise their messages. Also, keep in mind that not everyone wants to broadcast their giving. Provide an opt-out option for those folks.

To up your social media game, consider adopting some of these strategies:

  1. 1. Pick a catchy hashtag and use it across your social platforms
  2. 2. Share links to your donations page on social media
  3. 3. Comment and reply to people on your social platforms

Keep in mind that you can’t engage fully on all social platforms. Pick the ones that work best for you and your cause. Consider where most of your donors consume their content and pitch your camp there.

Also, it’s not all about getting donations. Use social media to educate and entertain your audience. The rule of thumb here is to go 80/20 on information vs donations.

Thank your donors

Gratitude goes a long way. It also doesn't need to be boring either. You can use a thank you page to thank donors, but also to inspire further action.

Receipts must follow compliance rules for the countries you operate in. Other than that, you are free to customise your receipts and thank you page however you see fit. Replace old and boring copy with something personal and memorable. Make your donors feel really appreciated.

You can also use the thank you page to tell donors how to get involved or spread the message about your cause. Go ahead: add a memorable image, video or graphics. This is what most donors will remember after their donation.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you have to think like your donors to increase online donations. You want to make the experience simple, painless and memorable. This calls for a subtle balance between championing your cause and getting donations. Using the tips above should help you achieve that.

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