B2B Marketing Requires a Broad and Narrow Approach

The rules are a little different when marketing to businesses (B2B). While a warm human connection should not be eradicated; a colder and more formal approach also has applicable merits. Here we look at how to broadly and then narrowly target B2B clients.

Your sales and marketing funnel is broadest at the very start of the funnel and this is where you want to attract business clients. Deploy content that is attention grabbing and speaks their language. For example, you would not talk about SaaS (software as a solution) when marketing to casual customers (B2C), but a blog post or landing page all about SaaS is geared towards a business audience who will understand this language. There is also licence to be tastefully boastful when targeting B2B. Explain why you are the best at what you do within your industry and why other businesses will benefit by working with you or taking your products/services on board. As you can tell, there are echoes of B2C marketing in a B2B context; but a harder approach bodes well when targeting a business as an entity with industry driven needs, wants and budgets.

The funnel should narrow pretty quickly after you attract a potential business client to you. There are differences between every business (even within the same industry) and it is these differences that you want to capitalise on for B2B conversations and conversions. Offer specific and tailored solutions to B2B clients to show that you as a business are appealing to their individual (narrow) needs now that your broader content has piqued their interest. So if the potential client is looking for office furniture for both their Ireland and UK locations; perhaps you could waive delivery charges as an incentive for them to not incur an extra charge because they are a multinational. This step requires research and communication with the potential business client. But it is a step worth taking as the dividends and potential long-term relationship will only strengthen your business and add to its standing with both B2C and B2B.

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