Time and Error - Where Automation Wins

Here we look at where the automatic element of digital technology really shines in a business context. You and your business can save time (and safeguard against errors) by placing certain tasks in the capable hands of technology.

Grouping + Tagging
A simple tag for use within a group folder/category can really help to keep relevant content together in one place. On a blog for example, tagging a post with the ‘vegetarian’ tag means that your website visitors can click/tap on this tag to be taken to all of your vegetarian recipes. Once each of your vegetarian blog posts have been tagged with this tag, they are collected and collated automatically. If you had to instead manually sort each vegetarian recipe into its own folder, this would take time to complete. Not only this, but manual input also brings with it the risk that one or more recipes are left out or one or more non-vegetarian recipes get incorrectly added to the folder.

Mailing List Automation
When a new subscriber signs up to your mailing list, it can be considered nice to send them a welcome/thank you e-mail. Similarly if you apply for a job online for example, an automatic e-mail confirming that your application was sent successfully can be a comforting confirmation. But as the internet is live twenty-four hours a day, it will be difficult to reply to those who sign up or apply outside of business hours such as at 2:00am for example. Even if people sign up or apply during business hours, you may be in the middle of a different task and simply forget or run out of time to e-mail them.

Other Uses
There are many other uses within business where automatic elements can save you time and save you from making errors. Text messages or e-mails sent to former customers who have not purchased from you in over two months are another example; or even a credit added to the accounts of customers who spend X amount with you is yet another example. By taking the time to set up the initial parameters of what you would like automation to do, it can greatly assist in automatically running parts of your business down the line.

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