Need to Know: Content, Copywriting + Graphic Design

No doubt you have heard of the terms content, copywriting and graphic design in terms of websites; but do you know why these terms are always mentioned? Here we explain why these elements are so important and how Ireland Website Design are so good at each of them.

The fuel that drives your website is known as content. This includes the text, graphics, images, videos and more which adorn your webpages. This is the content that your website visitors interact with to gain information and fulfil their needs. The best content is curated and tailored for it’s target audience(s) and seamlessly works when connected to external influences such as online ads, print media and apps. Google pays a lot of attention to content and deems websites with fresh influxes of content (such as regular blog posts) as living and breathing websites worth directing traffic to. In summary: Content is king online as it dictates both the how and why visitors come to and stay on your website.

To form the best version of your written content for your website, the services of a copywriter can be of use. Copywriting dictates all of the text from headings and slogans to full webpages and blog posts. It is recommended that each webpage and blog post have a minimum of three-hundred words to rank properly online. Text and written content should ideally abide by certain qualities to both gain and retain readers (and therefore by extension gain website visitors). These qualities include the likes of clarity, creativity and context; qualities which professional copywriters bring to the table in spades: In summary: Correct copywriting executed properly is a powerful weapon online that can be used to harness visitors and a following to both your brand and website.

Graphic Design
To buttress your written content online, images and graphic design work well. Just like with copywriting, graphical content can pertain to certain qualities to be optimally successful. This can include the likes of incorporating specific shapes, fonts and colours that blend with your overall brand image. Graphic designers specialise in making bespoke graphical content for you and your business which can give you an edge to stand out among the crowded online marketplace. Imagery also works well as a visual draw to lure the eye to certain parts of webpages, especially when executed correctly. In summary: Graphic design buttresses and benefits your entire web presence and helps to elevate surrounding content when done correctly.

So what makes the team at Ireland Website Design so good at all of these services? Our ethos is to drive sales to your business and our reputation and track record is built on driving sales to businesses. Sound appealing to you and your business? Click here to get in touch with us and request your quote.

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