Need to Know: Web Design, Development + SEO

The terms web design, web development and SEO are often thrown about online and in discussions. But do you know what these terms really mean and refer to? Perhaps more importantly, do you know how good we at Ireland Website Design are at doing each of these?

Web Design
The designing of a website is not strictly an artistic outlook deciding how the finished website will look aesthetically. While this is involved, website design also works to make sure that the backend of the website (the framework that website visitors do not see) is designed and setup in such a way to support what you want your website to achieve. If one of your end goals is to have a website that your staff can easily edit and make changes to, your web designer may have to design a custom theme that will allow for this simply such as by implementing a drag and drop interface. In summary: Web design touches not only on how your website looks, but also facilitates for it to look this way from a technical design standpoint.

Web Development
The development of a website is the support system behind it that allows it to display live online. This can include incorporating licenses and security certificates into the website, adding and incorporating scripts and plugins that may be requested/required and also organising the likes of domains and hosting. As you can see, there are many elements that need to be in place and developed for your website for it to appear and function online. In summary: Web development deals with the qualities your website needs to be compliant online and also compliant with the client brief.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Blogs, books and even websites can be devoted to explaining what SEO is and talking about it. It is the process your website has to constantly endure to survive and thrive online to rank and appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). There are many layers to SEO with paid and organic being two of the most common ones. As the names suggest; paid SEO relies on money to be spent in the form of advertising while organic SEO relies on your websites natural power to rank on SERPs (and the many, many factors which determine this power). In summary: SEO is a beast with many heads that while you don’t have to necessarily tame, you do need to know how it behaves and works for your website to gain visitors and traction online.

So what makes the team at Ireland Website Design so good at all of these services? Our ethos is to drive sales to your business and our reputation and track record is built on driving sales to businesses. Sound appealing to you and your business? Click here to get in touch with us and request your quote.

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