Sharing is Caring - Especially Online

When content is shared online, it is a win-win for all involved. Businesses get their name and brand (possibly including their logo and slogan) shared online to a wider audience, whereas recipients of the shared content receive something curated to them.

The benefits for businesses
When your content is shared with others online, this is a great thing for your business. Firstly, it shows that your content was seen as worthy for someone to take the time to not only read/view it, but also make the step to share it with others. This sharing may be done over social media or by e-mail for example. Businesses can see any shares as they happen on social media and can install a plugin for sharing on their website to keep track of each instance. In tandem with this, each time your content is shared is another instance of your business reaching a wider audience and wider cohort of possible potential customers.

The benefits for recipients
When someone shares something with their acquaintances, friends or family; the recipients receive a piece of content that is deemed to be relevant to them. In essence, they get a piece of curated content delivered to them. This could take the form of a picture, video or article etc. There is a very social aspect to this (as they say, sharing is caring) as someone takes the time from their day to think of you and share something with you. Adding a business into the mix (i.e. one may share a discount code for example), can often mean that the recipient is well on the way to purchasing a product/service that they enjoy.

Don’t forget – your reputation can precede you
It is always wise to remember that bad news can travel fast. A mistake by your company or a bad complaint (or handling of same) can be shared and spread like wildfire online. Be conscious of this when undergoing business activities and conducting your operations. Sharing happens for a reason and in this instance it would be undertaken to warn or ward off potential customers by providing them with a very bad first impression (your reputation can precede you).

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