3 Ways Your Competitor May be Better Positioned Online

Your competitor analysis should not just identify your competitors, but it should also identify if they are surpassing you. If so, why (and how can you counteract this)? Here we look at three common ways your competitor may be better positioned than you online.

1. They Have a Better Website Than You
Think that what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’ is subjective when it comes to websites? This is incorrect, there are gold standard factors that need to be in place for Google to consider your business website a ‘good’ one. Your website needs to be mobile responsive, have swift loading times and also be kept up to date with fresh content, blog posts and updates added to it. Confident that you have all of these but still rank lower than your competitor? SEO elements or Ux (the user design experience) may be to blame. Contact us for an assessment and audit of your website and for an action plan to be put in place to remedy it.

2. They Rank for More Keywords Online
Does a Google search for keywords/terms related to your industry keep resulting in your competitor appearing on SERPs instead of your business? There are many factors that lead to this – some of which you may be neglecting. In terms of SEO, do you have any webpages competing for the same keyword/term (therefore cannibalising your own chances?); are your pages and blogs tagged correctly (or incorrectly resulting in the dreaded blackhat result) and is your website recognised by the likes of Alexa? Complex but not impossible, achieving a great organic ranking takes time and work but long-term is a great beneficial tool to drive sales to your business. Get in touch if this sounds appealing to you.

3. Their Content is Interacted with and Shared More
On their social media accounts, do you notice that their FaceBook posts, Instagram pictures and YouTube videos all have more likes, shares and comments over your content? If so, their content is clearly doing a better job of both reaching people and connecting with them. This is important because it keeps brand name (and therefore recognition) aware in their minds through the use of a funny meme, catchy jingle or emotive advertisement. Contact us to fine-tune your social media presence. Perhaps your business has good content but needs a short-term paid advertising push to reach and then retain an audience?

As a premier Irish digital agency, Ireland Website Design can help your business to surpass your competitors online. Put simply, our work drives sales to your business.

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