2016 Taught us that Content is King Online

There are many examples of blog entries and articles from across the internet in 2016 further explaining what we already know – that online, content rules the roost. Here we take a look at these examples and reinforce the notion that content is king.

Our very own blog here at Ireland Website Design touched on the content subject many times throughout the year. In each instance, we explained different aspects to content. Back in March we showed you how to curate content to suit your target audience(s) and website visitors. This involved tailoring your content so that those who interacted with it would respond positively to it and thus help with your conversions. To read the blog, simply click here: Curating Content for your Website Visitors. We also showed you how to effectively mobilise your content so that it reaches an audience and carries out its purpose. This ensures that the effort you put into making and curating your content is not wasted. To read the blog, simply click here: Mobilising your original Content to Gain More Leads. In terms of putting in effort to your content, this pays off in spades when done correctly. However this also takes time to perfect and do properly. Knowing this, it is beneficial to schedule your content ahead of time and have a headstart on the competition. To read the blog, simply click here: Get a Content Headstart on your 2017 Content.

Other blogs also took note of the importance of content and explained other aspects to them. TeamWork explained how to set your content marketing team up for success. This showed us how to ringfence time specifically for content marketing – click here to read their blog. GatherContent also shared their two cents in the form of a vlog (and transcript). This detailed the accessibility of content and the forms in which it is interacted with, focusing on the form or ‘liquid content’ – click here to read their blog.

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