The Instant Appeal of Push Notifications and Bulk SMS

Getting an instant response to your online and digital marketing efforts can be extremely gratifying. Live analytics and a sudden surge of interest in your business can be tangible within seconds when you utilise the likes of push notifications and bulk SMS.

What are Push Notifications?
Push notifications are utilised through apps and they consist of a message that is pushed straight to the home screen of mobile devices. This is akin to the app sending an instant message to its app users and said message appears directly on their device with an accompanying alert tone. One should note however that users of apps have to option to opt-out to receive push notifications, so these users will of course not receive the push notification. Push notifications can let app users know of a sale or discount on “Free Delivery on All Orders until Midnight Tonight!” or even as to availability for certain products and services “Light Red #4 Lipstick Back in Stock!” or “Two Places Remaining for the 7pm Spin Class Tonight!”

What is Bulk SMS?
Bulk SMS can be compared to push notifications too in that it takes the form of a text message sent directly to mobile devices from a business. Hundreds or even thousands of these message can be sent to mobile devices at once in an attempt to reach a business database in terms of blanket coverage. This means that if a business has your mobile number (for example when you booked an appointment) and your permission, the business can send a text message to all of these numbers that they have collected. This message is usually in the form of sales and marketing material “Half-Price on all Paint and Paint Supplies at Sean’s Shed until Friday 15th January!”. One should note however that these SMS messages must feature an opt-out option if they are from a legitimate business.

What can I gain from this?
The main benefits that a business can gain from utilising push notifications and bulk SMS is that of instant access and interaction with their customer base. This can be evidenced in the form of tangible spikes to website hits, app interaction and even phone calls and communication with your business as the messages are received and acted upon. In a nutshell, instant access to your customer base can result in instant stimulation and feedback from them. You should expect some feedback in terms of customers wanting to unsubscribe from receiving any further push notifications or text messages – this is normal and to be expected, especially with larger customer databases.

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