Four Things your Social Followers can Tell You

Far from simple numbers that reflect how popular your business is on a social network, you social followers can tell you a lot about your business.

Instead of your social following signifying a popularity contest online, take note of what you can glean from your followers. For those who have taken the time to like your business pages and even comment on them, you can rely on their opinions in that they have taken the time to socially invest in your business.

1. How your Business is Perceived
The comments you receive on your postings can allude to how your business is perceived by your followers. If they are positive you are clearly doing something right and if they are negative, the opposite applies. But do be wary of becoming too complacent and publishing too much similar content simply to gain positive comments – you risk losing the interest of your followers in this case.

2. Where your Followers are Active
You can see by how much interaction your content receives as to where your followers are most active. For example your tweets may be liked and re-tweeted much more than your FaceBook posts are liked and shared. This shows you to not neglect FaceBook, but focus more on Twitter as the followers of your business appear to be more active on this platform.

3. What Trends are Brewing
The likes and comments that you receive and the likes and comments that your followers give to other posts (besides on your business page) can allude to upcoming trends and niches in the market. If your followers seem to be gravitating towards and mentioning a product or service that would be of use for them, make it your business to cater to their burgeoning needs.

4. What your Business Flaws Are
Unsavoury but sometimes necessary, your social followers may also air their grievances with you over social media. They may be frustrated that the wrong item was delivered to them or that they were charged too much on their credit card. Never delete these posts even if they are public; make sure to respond to them and make it right. With this, all of your followers can see the human dimension to your business in that you may make mistakes, but you also make them right.

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