How the 2016 Twitter Update Helps your Business

Twitter has made some recent changes that can have a big impact on businesses who use the platform. We explain and explore them here.

From bite-size tweets to verified response times, Twitter has grown as a social media platform and now includes features that appeal to businesses of all sizes. Two of the more recent and major elements introduced to Twitter include being able to bypass the 140 character limit and also allowing business profiles to display their response times to tweets (quite like FaceBook).

Bypassing the 140 Character Limit
During the month of September 2016, Twitter no longer counts photos, videos or polls as part of the 140 character limit per tweet. This is limited to either four photos, 1 video or 1 GIF. However for some ads and promoted tweets, the restriction is still in place therefore including the aforementioned elements as part of the character-count. But businesses should fear not because there is a loophole (currently at time of writing) to work around this. A business account simply has to post a tweet to their profile as normal (i.e. organically) where they can include a photo, video or a poll alongside 140 characters in their tweet. After they tweet this, they can then change it to a promoted tweet and it will retain the formatting and content.

Response Time for Tweets
Another newer feature sees business profiles being able to display the times at which the business is live and available to respond to tweets. For example they may list their business hours of 9am – 5pm or offer out of hours responses from 9am – 9pm. In tandem with this, people will also be able to send a direct message to businesses during these times. This has echoes of the FaceBook feature that displays a badge on business pages who respond to messages swiftly which is known as a 100% response rate. This transparency of times can show your social media followers as to when they get in touch with you and expect a response.

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