How Digital Media Transforms Visitors into Customers

By creating a strong online and digital presence, digital media can direct those who interact with your brand and transform them from visitors into customers.

The role of an online/digital marketing agency is to mobilise the various hardware and software options available to businesses today to increase the profile, reach and visibility of your company. With this, more people can come into contact with your branding which therefore increases the amount of potential customers that you can obtain. Smart agencies with expert teams like here at Ireland Website Design can implement for you a strategy that feels natural to your visitors but is in fact crafted to guide them and convert them from mere visitors to paying customers. Here is a sample three-step example of how this can be achieved.

1.    SEO
Whether this is influenced organically (via quality content such as blogs) or in a paid format (with the likes of Google Ads); having your website visible to those browsing online is only possible when your website is search engine optimised. We take a thorough look at your website and ensure that every facet of it is optimised to perform to the highest level online. With this may come the recommendation to maintain a weekly blog, invest in Google Ads for a month or a combination of the two.

2.    Cues + Prompts
Now that your website has become discoverable and as you maintain your SEO endeavours, you can expect to see more traffic reach your website. Capture the imagination of these visitors with a series of cues and prompts that spur them to take action. If they are browsing your website and guide their cursor towards the top right of the screen to click on the X to exit, you can have a pop-up appear prompting them to sign-up to your mailing list to receive a voucher for example. This is known as a website exit strategy and is a great example as to how a digital agency can implement realistic and effective online marketing techniques for your business.

3.    Landing Pages
Now that you have attracted visitors to your website and commanded their attention with a prompt; transform them into a customer of your business with a custom landing page. The URL of this webpage can be given to visitors via a pop-up or through a live chat widget and could feature a timely tagline to entice them to click into the landing page “Hurry, this offer expires at midnight!” Landing pages are made with a single goal in mind – to convert those who visit the page into customers. Following A/B testing, this page is formed with an optimum approach, design and direction to facilitate the sale. It would feature images, fonts, text and testimonials etc. that have all been responded to favourably during A/B testing to lead people to avail of your offering of your products and/or services.

Even with this simple breakdown above, it is apparent how a professional online and digital marketing strategy can drive sales to your business. More comprehensive strategies can also include the likes of your mailing lists, video content and even your app if you have one to entice, engage and maintain customers. Contact the expert team at Ireland Website Design to have a strategy tailored for your business so that you can finally reach your online aims and goals.

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