How to Survive Apples App Attack

Apple announces swift plans to purge problematic apps from the app store. Find out how your app can survive in this blog.

With millions of apps existing on the app store, it is no wonder that they are looking to clear out the cobwebs and remove any apps that are not working properly or have not had proper and timely updates. In an understandably cutthroat manner, any apps that crash as soon as they launch on an Apple device will be instantly removed from the store. To safeguard your app and keep it active, you need to know and action the following.

Firstly, if your app is in the firing line, Apple will contact you or your apps developer with thirty days’ notice to rectify any problems. They stipulate that apps that have not had compatibility updates implemented within them for some time are in the firing line. Apps that are consistently problematic or appear to be neglected altogether are also candidates for deletion. From a business point-of-view, we can understand why Apple is keep to do this. With the app store existing as an online shop, they want to provide a great shopping experience for their customers. Yet if one was to download an app that does not render correctly on their device or is slow to load (or fails to load at all . . .), this is a bad reflection on Apple’s service by allowing these problematic apps to exist.

There will also be a crackdown on how apps are titled. Specifically, apps which abuse their title field by trying to insert a brief description alongside the title. To tackle this, app titles will have to comply to a fifty maximum character rule. Therefore no more app titles along the lines of “Money Tracker free app to manage your expenses” etc. With these two above steps implemented into the app store, the shopping experience should be improved by only having apps for sale that work and are compliant with devices as well as less invasive and aggressive titling of apps.

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