Reinvigorate your Mailing List in 3 Simple Steps

Faced with a mounting pile of stagnant mailing list subscribers who don’t even seem to interact with your content? Here we show you how to invigorate them.

As your mailing lists and subscribers grow, you will notice that so too do the amount of those who do not even open your newsletters. This is natural to a degree (100% open rates are incredibly rare, if not impossible); but you can work to make the most of your lists by making a conscious effort to engage as many on your list as possible. Try these tips out for size:

1.    Separate the Good and the Bad
Most e-newsletter software such as Aweber and MailChimp show you reports on how your newsletters and e-mail marketing efforts have performed. From these reports, you can see who opened and interacted with your mail and who did nothing at all. Separate these two factions and treat them differently. Those who frequently open and interact can be seen to be responding well to your content whereas on the opposite end of the scale, the rest are disengaged with it.

2.    Target Properly (and therefore effectively)
Now you have two distinct cohorts, but you only need to change your approach to those who are not responding to your efforts. With this segmented group, you could ramp up your incentivised offers to them by creating a specific mailshot featuring a promotion, competition or exclusive discount etc. Work on creating a hook that will do just that, hook them back to interacting with your company and brand by way of an eye-catching offer or deal to spur action from them. Still not working? Perhaps the time of day you are sending content to them does not suit them and your mail is drowned out by a busy inbox? Study your reports and monitor open rates and trends to pinpoint ways in which to best target your disengaged subscribers.

3.    Cut Your Losses
While somewhat unorthodox to include this as a ‘step’ in the traditional sense; you may come to a point where it is more beneficial to cut your losses. For example, you could be chasing a few subscribers who have changed e-mail address and no longer monitor the inbox your content is going to. After taking the time to segment as per step 1 and try targeting your disengaged segment as per step 2, there comes a point where you need to move on and realise that for whatever reason, some subscribers on your mailing list may always remain aloof. But do not feel shamed by defeat with these, you cannot get blood from a stone. But you can channel your business time and energy into growing your business and still appealing to those who do open your newsletters.

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