Why Videos and Memes are Shared so Much

Producing quality content but unhappy that it is not being shared? Here’s why you should consider video and memes.

Getting your branded content shared is a great way to get your business name spread around to more potential customers. Yet even a well written blog or a perfectly polished picture may not generate nearly as many shares as you would like. Video content and memes buck this trend however and are shared quite a lot in comparison. Here we examine why.

Video Content
Videos are both engaging and immersive. They can show you exotic locations or mundane situations all in a few short seconds. As videos are moving elements, they are eye-catching to many viewers. This means that the likelihood of people stopping to watch videos is more likely as opposed to people stopping to read all of the information from an image. Most videos also display a visible hits counter that shows how many times the video has been viewed. As this number grows into the millions (and even billions on some YouTube videos), it piques the curiosity of those who come across the video. Content-wise, humorous and comedic videos have a great effect of gaining repeat views due to their entertainment value. In tandem with this, people like to share these entertaining commodities with their loved ones which in turn increases their views and hits.

A meme is an image or a GIF that usually displays a comedic or ironic scenario. These apply to situations in everyday life and it is this element with which they connect with people. If somebody is having a bad day, they may come across a meme on their social media stream for example that applies to them. After liking and/or commenting on it, they may then share it within their social circle as it may strike a chord with their co-workers or family members. Memes have become so widespread that they have become part of the millennial popular lexicon online. Within forums and comment sections, replies consisting solely of memes are not uncommon.

How does this apply to me and my business?
By understanding the reasons as to why video content and memes are shared so much, you can use this knowledge as an opportunity to get in on the action. You could perhaps create a meme that features your company branding or even mascot (if you have one) as the character in the meme. Video content can be created to promote your products and services or even to raise awareness of any special offers or competitions that you are running. Place each of these on your social media channels and if done correctly, you can expect them to gain more views and shares as opposed to more traditional content.

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