Two Simple Tips for a Great User Experience

Cut the clutter and implement a user experience that your website visitors will enjoy to use and encourages repeat visits with these two simple tips.

We have all been on websites which cause frustration as they make it difficult to find the simple information that you are looking for. You may be looking to see when a store closes. But first you have to navigate to the ‘Store Finder’, locate your store on a map, wait for it to load and then finally discover the opening hours. Avoid this convolution by streamlining your sitemap and therefore greatly improving the user experience. Two of the best ways to do this are by making sure that core information such as this is clear and that URLs do not become tangled webs. Find out how to do this below.

1. Convey Clear Core Information
Ensure that your core information is clearly visible and/or accessible across your website. This would include (at a minimum) your contact details, opening/business hours and information on your fees and prices. These elements are well suited to a static footer as this means that the information is always to hand for your website visitors. Learn from the mistakes of other websites that you have come across where you found it difficult to source core company information. Testimonials should also be clearly visible and populate your website pages instead of being relegated to a small slider or all being housed within one link.

2. Avoid Stacking in URLs
Avoid stacking elements into your website URLs to prevent them from becoming bloated and confusing to repeat and follow. This can occur when you segment and distil parts of your business into separate sections and also branch out for them. For example a spa called ‘Seafoam’ may offer massages as part of their service offerings. Looking to group massage as a service can result in a URL as follows: If you then branch out into different types of massage, the URL length increases again – Should you wish to run a special offer on hot stone massage, your URL will reach gargantuan proportions – Cut down on this by altering your website layout and navigation to remove any self-explanatory elements i.e. massage being a spa service is self-explanatory and hot stone massage is clearly a type of massage. A URL such as this is much shorter and will suffice:

As seen above, clarity with information and with URLs greatly assist with implementing a great user experience for your website. Struggling to action this? Contact the expert team at Ireland Website Design for a consultation to get your professional website back on track and back to serving its purpose of driving sales to your business.

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