Mobile Browsing - Searching by Sector

With a recent report placing mobile browsing at having an almost 60% penetration rate, we take a look at the prevalence of this per sector and business type.

Hitwise have carried out a study that suggests that 58% of internet browsing is now carried out on mobile devices in the US. We take a look at the top 10 sectors/business types featured in this report and explain how mobile searching affects them.

1.    Food + Beverage 72%
The ability to view restaurant menus and book a table/make a reservation is a big feature when browsing on mobile. One can also order food for takeout on a mobile device which is another facet of how food and mobile browsing work well together. Last but not least, mobile users can quickly browse and read reviews and testimonials to help make their minds up.

2.    Health 68%
Online booking through a few taps on a mobile device screen is very useful feature for booking doctor or dentist etc. appointments. Having a mobile device on the go also means that you can read up on any of your symptoms or even watch instructional exercise videos if you are looking to alter your gym and workout routine.

3.    Sports 68%
With many different types of sports and many matches and competitions held all around the world, fans can have access to the latest scores and highlights in their pockets. When on a mobile device, it can also be simple to book tickets to a match or sporting event and also to follow your favourites teams’ social media accounts for news and updates.

4.    News + Media 64%
Like with sports above, news stories and updates are a constant and worldwide occurrence (hence the term ‘breaking news’). News and media websites are required to be mobile responsive to cater to this trait of their industry and be accessible for users.

5.    Lifestyle 62%
Lifestyle itself is broad term. This can encompass perhaps viewing museum and gallery websites, watching gaming videos through the likes of Twitch or even browsing through or contributing to Reddit. Regardless, one can indulge their hobbies and interests through their mobile device as the device type allows them to unwind when the mood strikes them.

6.    Automotive 62%
Looking for a new car or need to source car parts? The ability to browse for these from the comfort of your home eliminates the need to visit car dealerships (initially) and scrapyards. Not only does this save you time, but you can also shop around in the market and compare prices between suppliers.

7.    Retail 56%
Online shopping has brought about the idea of ‘showrooming’ where physical stores exist simply for potential buyers to see and feel the products before going to purchase them online for a better price/deal. The ability to shop online also means that you do not have to leave your home and spend money on public transport or parking etc. therefore it is a more cost efficient option in this roundabout way.

8.    Travel 52%
This figure does not include looking at Google Maps but instead focuses on researching flights, hotels and destinations for mostly vacation purposes. At short notice or if looking for a last minute deal, this is easily done via a mobile device instead of having to source and turn on a desktop device instead.

9.    Real Estate + Property 48%
Continuing the theme of being able to quickly browse online, real estate and property also comes into the mix. If you pass a house for sale and are interested to know the asking price, you can quickly and easily look up the estate agents’ website. This also applies if you are looking for some home and interior design tips and would like to browse images and resources online.

10.    Entertainment 42%
Rounding the search results off then is the entertainment sector. Entertainment as a sector can include many different types of content such as video, gaming and anything that people find entertaining. As such, browsing for entertainment moreso takes on the form of browsing about entertainment i.e. when is movie X coming out, how do I beat level 12 in X game etc.

As you can see, mobile browsing touches upon all of the major sectors and in most cases it is searched for more on mobile than on desktop devices. This relays the importance of having a mobile responsive website – something which the team at Ireland Website Design specialise in to drive sales to your business.

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