Psychology Tips for Interactive Website Design

We take a look at how the human mind works and responds positively to certain responsive website design elements.

Understand your Websites Mental Triggers
Your website will contain elements known as mental triggers which, as the name implies, will subconsciously direct your visitors to take certain actions. For example if a menu or page is slow to load, a user may feel this as a lack of control as their command has failed to be met in a reasonable amount of time. In a similar vein, presenting the user with too many options at once can overwhelm them and result in choice paralysis. Both of these serve as good examples to illustrate how users can interact with your website and show how something such as too much choice can result in too many bounce rates.

Remember that Humans are Visiting your Website
Don’t make the mistake of overloading your website with flashy graphics and slick effects. While visually impressive, they can be overwhelming and disengaging to users. Remember that real people will be visiting your website and the best way to keep them there is by offering them an enjoyable and immersive experience. Think of some of the websites that you regularly visit. Why are you a repeat visitor? A major factor here is that the website makes you feel part of the experience by knowing how to cater to your needs. Ensure that your business website does the same to your target audience so that they enjoy to visit and use your website time and time again.

Emotive Connections via Colour and Copy
To make that all important connection with your website visitors, colour and copy come into play in a big way. Both of these creative elements connote and convey different emotions which can appeal to and hook your website visitors. Knowing who your target audience is and the type of products/services that you are looking to sell, research what colours should influence your design. Red for example portrays passion and adrenaline and would be a good fit for an extreme sports website whereas purple alludes to luxury ticket items such as timepieces and jewellery. Copy (text) should always read clearly and whatever font you decide on should always be legible – you do not want users to be confused or have to squint.

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