5 Free Stock Photo Sources

In a pinch for the perfect picture? Here we show you five websites that you can use to obtain free stock photos and images to use on your website.

Every Stock Photo markets itself as “a search engine for stock images.” As such, each image has its own attribution and licencing stipulations that you must adhere to. While some require no attribution at all and can be used in a wide variety of scenarios, others have limitations so it is important to examine your options with each image that you like. Every Stock Photo has the nice option of allowing you to embed and share images straight from the website and in doing so embeds the relevant attribution information with it. An account does not have to be created to download these images, but one does need an account if they would like to collect and save images in collections.
Priding themselves on the free aspect of their content, Free Media Goo offer royalty free photos, royalty free textures and also free digital backgrounds. In return, they would appreciate if you gave attribution to their website, but state that this is not necessary. One should note however that there is not the biggest selection here to choose from. Photos for example cover aviation, beach, buildings, finance, food and wildlife. There is no requirement to sign-up or create an account to use Free Media Goo, simply choose the image that you would like and you can download it straight away.


The Cepolina website is brimming with over twenty-thousand photos which have been taken all over the world. The website is broken down into sections so that you can search by topic i.e. photos of food or photos of the Asian continent. Chose Cepolina if you are looking for realistic and real world photographs taken by people instead of overly polished photoshoots and computer generated imagery. The use of these photos adds a human and natural feel to the pages of your website. All of the photos can be downloaded for free without the need to sign-up or make an account and can be used in many situations, in their own words; “any photo can be used for websites, paintings, digital presentations, books, tshirts and cross stitch.” They do however request that you credit www.ceoplina.com wherever you use one of their photos.

Once you do not repackage, redistribute or try to claim ownership of their images, Free Range Stock allow you to use their images without the need to link back to the site. They can also not be used on a lot of physical items like mugs and clothing etc., so they are best kept to an online and digital format. Free Range Stock does require you to make a (free) account to download images and shows you the licence information of each image you download. When you do make an account, you will gain access to the likes of people, landscape, industrial and food imagery. Just be aware when using this website that their advertisers and partners are placed on the pages in a way which makes them look part of the website. Clicking these will bring you to their website, such as Shutterstock, where content is not free to download.

With over 100,000 images housed in their website, RGB stock offer users you a myriad of images to download. Each of these are ranked by users in a similar manner to FaceBook reactions and you can also see how many times each image has been downloaded. You will need to sign up for a free account with RGB stock to download anything and each time you do download, you must adhere to the licence and attribution of that particular image. In some instances no attribution is required, but restrictions may apply as to where the image can be used – so it is always best to check the parameters each time. With a mix of high quality stock imagery and user submitted photography, RGB stock has a great selection that can help with your niche image needs.

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