5 Tips to Improve Small Business Websites

Here we give you five tips that can be easily implemented to improve a small business website which includes the customer journey and page description details.

Call to Action
Do you know why you need a website? The answer is obvious – it is to drive sales to your business. This should also be obvious to customers by having an identifiable call to action across your website. A call to action facilitates sales through your website. It could take the form of a prominent and incentivised contact us section that gets people to ring and book an appointment, or be an easy to use and navigate online shop to facilitate online shopping. You should have a clear call to action on your website so that your website can do its job of driving sales to your business.

Clear Headlines That Sell
Each of your webpages need a precise reason to be worthwhile on your website and not waste visitors’ time. One of the best ways to show your website visitors if the page they are on will fulfil their needs is by the use of clear headlines that sell to the visitor. Instead of an ‘About Us’ page with the headline simply saying ‘About Us’, use text that sells to the visitor ‘Learn how we Earned and Maintain a Net Promoter Score of 9.’ With this, you show those who are not interested in this page to look elsewhere on your website while also hooking those who are interested in this webpage.

Prove your Worth with Testimonials
Reviews, testimonials and feedback from your clients and customers should be found throughout your website. These show your visitors that yours is a trusted and liked business and leaves a great first impression on them. People often seek to see and peruse this human level of peer review before converting, so the more testimonials that they can see while browsing your website, the better chance you have of converting them into a customer of your business.

Page / Meta Descriptions
Do not neglect to set specific and individual page (or meta) descriptions for each of your webpages. These snippets of text are what appear in the Google search results page before somebody clicks through to your website. This succinct two-line snippet should relay what the associated page is about and should also include your keyword(s)/term(s) when and where possible. It is also a great idea to include your business contact telephone number in the page description when and where possible too, as users can avail of click-to-call functionality with this.

Customer Journey and Navigation
If a visitor to your website cannot find what they are looking for or end up confused after reaching your website and looking around, you are guilty of having a poor website navigation. This results in a poor customer journey also and can disengage visitors even causing them to bounce and not return. Counteract this by implementing a user journey that is smooth, informative and even somewhat enjoyable. This can be achieved by removing any clutter or unnecessary content from your website and by making sure that each section is clearly marked and visible to visitors. Each section and webpage should also have a clear headline (touched on earlier above) and relevant content that seamlessly brings visitors from your homepage and towards your conversion tool.

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