How to Retain Customers using Remarketing

Here we give you three examples of how to utilise remarketing to encourage repeat spend from your current customer base.

Remarketing is a useful tool for businesses today because it allows your company name and branding to appear online after somebody has already left your website. One should want to harness remarketing with a boomerang effect – meaning that you are looking for visitors and customers of your website to visit and buy again. Here are three aspects that you can focus on to retain these customers and turn them into return and loyal customers with the potential for repeat spend.

Upsell to the next Stage
If a customer purchases a personalised birthday card from your website and if you delivered it on time and to their specifications with no complaints arising, you can assume that this was a satisfied customer. This gives you an opportunity to use remarketing to upsell to them as firstly they have used your website and are now familiar with your company and secondly, they have been a customer of your business and did not have any complaints. These two positive traits mean that the next time they see your business name it will be viewed with positive connotations. Your remarketing campaign can then focus on the higher ticket items such as customised and personalised calendars and canvas prints etc. You have a better chance of upselling these more expensive items to somebody who has already bought from you, so remarketing is perfect for this.

Inform them of Updates
If you run a Google Ad campaign to highlight that you are holding a half-price sale on ice-cream makers, your campaign will reach X amount of people online. This X amount will more than likely be made up of people who have never bought from (or possibly even heard of) your company before and therefore their click-through rate will be random. However if you were to run a remarketing campaign for the same sale, you are guaranteed that those who see your ad have been to your website before therefore proffering a much more guaranteed and solid click-through rate.

Simply Bring them Back
The crux of remarketing is all in the prefix ‘re’, you are looking to do something again and in this case it is to sell to former visitors/customers of your website. Knowing this, you should design your ads to act as a landing page or lead magnet that focuses on those who are familiar with your business. Knowledge is power here in that this means your landing page or lead magnet does not have to waste text explaining who your company is and what it does nor does it need to make a stellar first impression as if dealing with a new visitor/potential customer. Knowing who your audience is when utilising remarketing in general (i.e. no specific ad campaign) will assist you to assist remarketing to do its job – that is to encourage and facilitate return visitors and return spending.

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