8 SEO Terms that you Need to Know

Whether new to SEO or a seasoned pro, these are the eight search engine optimisation terms that you need to know to foster and prolong your understanding and success.

Alternative Text / Alt Text
This is a snippet of text that is used to describe an image on your website. If the image fails to load for any number of reasons, this text will display instead to explain what the image is. As an added bonus, you can also use this area to mention your key word or phrase.

Back Link
A back link is when another website has a link on or more of their webpages that links back to your website. If this website is related to your business industry and can be viewed as a peer of yours, this looks good for your standing and helps positively with your rankings.

Black Hat
This is the term used to describe SEO practices that search engine algorithms frown upon. This would involve unnatural key word density (see below), purchasing backlinks and inappropriate tagging of blog posts.

Bounce Rate
Bounce rates are the measurements taken (usually via Analytics) to ascertain if people come to your website but leave without further interacting with it. A high bounce rate can reveal to you that a certain webpage does not have a good user experience or the information that visitors were looking for.

For both search engines and your website visitors, having your heading text on the H1 style instantly shows what your page is about and alludes as to what it contains. This both captures the short     attentions spans of those who visit your page.

Keyword Density
The more times you use your key word or phrase in a grammatically correct context within a webpage, you positively influence the SEO of that webpage. However if you unnaturally cram this into a webpage, this will be picked up on and your website penalised (in terms of SEO rankings) and in extreme cases possibly even blacklisted.

Landing Page
A Landing Page is the page that website visitors will arrive on as the first interaction with your website. They can arrive on this page as a result of either an organic search engine result or via paid online advertising. These pages need to be very specific and keep in line with what they advertise through their meta data and snippet description visible of search engines and advertisement text.

The sitemap is one of the best navigational tools that your website can have. This list of terms (each with a built in link) can show website users what is available for them to view. This also gives a snapshot to search engines as to the main content pages of your website.

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