The Five Things that Website Design Clients Should Know

Understanding these five points before you enter the website design process will help you to justify the decisions and actions taken during the course of the project. Your expert website designer should also touch on each of these during your dealings with them.

Content is Key
A website needs to be maintained and attended to to keep it working for your business and functioning at an optimal level. A large slant of this relies on high quality and fresh content to ensure that your website serves its purpose for those who visit it and also to show activity and presence online. High quality content should include high resolution imagery that pertains to your business, logo design, branding, text and copywriting content and should also include a blog with regular postings. A good website designer will be able to assist you with all of the aforementioned points to ensure that not only does your website have the best and optimised start once it goes live, but also to maintain this good standing going forward.


Do you know what Hosting is?
Simply having a website developed and designed is only a piece of the puzzle to getting your website online. Your website needs to be hosted which basically means that it needs a plot of land to sit on in order for people to come and visit it online. There are different hosting options available which a good website designer should be able to explain and assist you with. But in a nutshell, you will need a hosting package that will give you reliability (so that your website will not experience much downtime), speed (so that your website will not lag and be unresponsive) and efficiency (so that backups and upgrades are actioned in the background automatically).


Expert Designers are the way to go
In the year 2016, there is no doubt that you need a responsive website design built and developed by an expert website designer(s). Your website is a big business investment and ultimately you should invest in an expert designer/design team to make this a solid and worthwhile investment. An expert in their field will be able to fully explain any questions you have throughout the project and also advise you on the best routes to take to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your new business website.


Simplicity is Tried and Tested
Many surveys and research into website design and usability consistently show that simplicity is valued above many other factors by people who use and visit your website. While an impressive design may have the ‘wow-factor’; beyond making a good first impression it will do little other than increase your bounce rate if people cannot navigate it and find the content and information that they are looking for. As such, do not be disheartened if your website designer scales down your initial design and layout idea(s) in favour of a simpler approach that will benefit your website and your business in the long run.


You need to stay true to your brand
While you may love a certain design and layout that you saw on an existing website, logic must prevail if it is not the right fit for your brand. Stay true to your brand by implementing a design that works for your image, audience, products and/or services and not that you think may work. You also have to consider as to how this will display on mobile devices to again ensure that it is the optimal layout for your customers and target audience to use. With this in mind, make the design and layout phase of your website project be a collaborative one between yourself and your website designer.


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