Speed up Webpage Loading Times with These Tips

Implement these simple but effective tips to streamline the back end of webpages that you (and your browsers) wish were that bit faster.

Reduce the File Size of Images
Images can place a drain on the loading time of webpages as they are naturally bulky files for servers and browsers to read and display. This can be somewhat of a dilemma in that while high resolution images look great on both desktop and mobile devices, the larger file size can take noticeably longer to load – especially if there are multiple high resolution images on one page. To combat this, consult with your web designer to have your image file sizes compressed and condensed. By sacrificing a little (albeit unnoticeable) aesthetic resolution and scaling the images that bit smaller (where applicable); this can go a long way to helping the speed and loading times of your webpages.

Ensure you have the Right Server for your Needs
Whether your website is hosted on a shared or a dedicated server will affect how quick your website is in general and also as to when it experiences downtime. On a shared server, your website could be hosted alongside tens of others in the same cyberspace. Therefore if one of these ten websites is chock full of high resolution images and slick sliders etc., you may well notice a lag on the speed and loading times of your website. In a similar vein, if one of this websites was to go down, your own website may experience downtime (through no fault of your own) until this is fixed. On a dedicated server however, you have your own private space and bandwidth to support your website. With this, your website is also solely supported for speed and loading times.

Consider Site Compression
Your website designer (providing they are a good website designer) can action compression for your website. Like with the action of reducing image file size that was touched on above; compression does this to all of the applicable elements both from the front and backend of your website. Due to this expansive exercise, it is best to schedule this with your website designer at a time when you do not experience much website traffic.

At Ireland Website Design, our expert team can implement the above steps for your website in an effort to see a marked increase in website speed and decrease in loading times. Get it touch with us today for assistance with your website speed and also to discuss the best hosting options for your website needs.

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