Avoid These Four Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

Are you guilty of these four surprisingly common digital marketing mistakes? Read on to find out . . .


Neglecting to Consider the Traits of your Audience
This is quite an apparent trait due to the abundance of digital and technological avenues that marketing can occur on today. Apps for example are a great platform where you can send push messages to those who have downloaded your app. Quite a lot of businesses have these today as they are wholly individual and Sounds great in theory, but if your intended audience and target market would not be familiar with what apps are and how to use them (for example the older/grey market), your app has been developed and designed in vain. Just because something is popular and has definite benefits, it still may not be the right fit for your particular business as it is an ineffective way of reaching your target market.

Marketing with Poor Goals
While your main marketing goal may be to earn money, this is arguably a poor goal. In fact as business exists to make money in the first place, some would not regard this as a goal at all – rather it is why the business exists. A stronger goal as a result of a marketing campaign would be to obtain X amount of new customers (so that you can add to your mailing list), raise awareness of your new product/service and to promote repeat spend via the incentives that the campaign promises. Raising revenue is a natural end result of any successful marketing campaign.

Subconsciously Neglecting Return Customers
Of course every business relies on growth and new customers to sustain the coffers and keep the wheels in motion. But in this hedonistic rush and fixation to grow new customer numbers, it is easy to forget about your loyal and returning customers. You may notice that telecommunications companies are particularly guilty of this – they advertise great offers at great prices, but the fine print of these show that they are strictly for new customers only. Don’t subconsciously mimic this by only highlighting your offers and endeavours that only apply to new customers or first-time visitors to your online store. Why not have a rewards or loyalty scheme in place or a mailing list comprising of regular customers so that your loyal and return customers feel that they are being acknowledged and appreciated.

Making Effortless Content
While you many understand that your website requires content to be added to it on a regular basis so that Google knows that it is alive; it is not enough to just add any content to satisfy this condition. Rather a fair amount of effort should be given to the content that is added to your website. Not only will this content represent your business as it is being conveyed to customers and potential customers alike; but it also represents a missed opportunity for your business. Without time and effort put into the SEO and keyword density of a blog for example, the blog entry will simply flounder among the outclassed content that exists online and is added to everyday. Simply adding content to your website for the sake of it will not pay off in the long or short term.

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