How To Write A Homepage That Helps You Sell

Every page of your website should exist to help drive sales and generate revenue for your business. Here we show you how to write a homepage that helps you sell.


We previously visited this topic in our “An About Page That Drives Sales” blog as we feel it important that every page of your online real estate (i.e. your website) serves its purpose well. Below are some pointers to take into account when writing your homepage.

Silence speaks volumes – Testimonials
What better way to instantly make a good impression than by featuring positive testimonials from former clients of your business. By peppering your homepage with these affirmations, it helps new visitors to your website ease into and learn about your business in a positive light. There are various ways to implement testimonials into your homepage design and layout. Some chose to simply add them to the body of the text, others manually change and update theirs and others again may choose to use a plugin or gallery carousel to display a constant stream of testimonials.

Become real – Who are you and where are you?
While it may seem basic, it is often overlooked with a lot of websites neglecting to include basic information on their website homepages. Simply having a paragraph or two about your business and where you are located adds a human touch to an otherwise corporate structure. Your homepage has many jobs to carry out as the main landing page of your website. Do not be overtly clinical and inadvertently cold with an absence of human elements and an abundance of business and marketing details. This helps to reiterate the welcoming approach that you have started by adding testimonials to your homepage (as above).

Communicate your message from the get-go – Headlines
What ties the above two elements together nicely is the use of a strong headline that surmises what your business does and how it can help potential customers. A sharp and succinct sentence means that browsers can see at a glance if your website is worth exploring further to fulfil their needs. A strong headline also shows that you as a company know where your strengths lie and can channel this simply to potential customers. Use this visually to provide impact by placing the headline in bold or larger text at the top of the homepage.

At Ireland Website Design our experts specialise in making you websites that drive sales to your business. This of course includes your website homepage which we optimise to attract and retain potential customers via responsive and intellectual design that performs on both desktop and mobile devices.

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