Hyper-Connectivity: Use your Website to Make Offline Sales

The world we live in today is hyper-connected. We practically all have a mobile device of some description and we come into contact with technology every single day. Add the connectivity of the worldwide web to this and we establish what is known as hyper-connectivity.

When ‘speed dial’ was a feature that was added to landline phones, it was seen as such a convenient way to quickly and easily dial one of you most dialled numbers. But technology has moved passed this now and our mobile phones can bring up a list of your favourite/frequent contacts that only require a single tap or button push to call.

However, some businesses sell things products and/or services that are tangible – a physical object or activity that cannot be experienced through your mobile, the internet or a website. Due to this, businesses need to utilise their online presence to make offline sales and sway the hyper-connectivity of the modern consumer to their advantage. A large slant of this takes the form of clever and targeted branding and also of using platforms to bring awareness to your offline business activities and practices.

If you are a hat company for example and do not have an online store (even though you really should have an online store . . .), potential clients cannot see the physical hats that you stock or examine the material they are made from. Of course you can have videos and images of your stock and supplies for them to view; but unlike in a physical shop, they cannot pick the hat up to examine it and assess its usage to them. Because of this, you must use your website to make them aware of all of your wares, new stock, your store location(s) and to drive the sales to your offline site as best you can.

This seems straightforward but it cannot be reinforced enough – keep your company, your brand and your products/services in potential customers’ heads for as long as you can. Offer an incentive to buy from your new store on Auburn Street via your social media accounts (“Like our page and we will message you with a discount code to use in our new Auburn Street store!”), include a voucher with your newsletter (“Mention this newsletter in store to avail of 10% off your purchase!”) and do something that a physical bricks and mortar shop cannot do so well, initiate group conversation and gather testimonials from your website visitors, social media followers and app users. With all of the above, you effectively mobilise your online presence to buttress your offline practice.

Take advantage of hyper-connectivity and transform online activity into offline sales and productivity. Talk to us today at Ireland Website Design about your brand image and needs and also how to best optimise your website and online presence to take full advantage of the hyper-connected users who visit it. Our team of expert professionals will equip you with the tools, knowledge and know-how to achieve this.

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