Website Design trends for 2014

With Christmas and ultimately the new year about to roll around the corner it is a great time to look at the website design trends that are expected for 2014. Website design is an ever evolving business as designers and programmers keep pushing the boundary's of what can be done. So what are we likely to see in 2014.

Flat Design

Our devices have flat screens and till now the trend was to make try make websites stand out using drop shadows, gradients and heavy textures to make websites look 3D, not anymore, what became popular this years and looks to continue into 2014 is flat design which uses a minimalist interface, large areas of saturated color, creative typography, strong lines and no shadows or gradients. Check out this image of Microsoft's website, it is a great example of flat design.

Flat Design

Responsive Design

Websites that are designed to respond to mobile devices are growing at a phenomal rate, every new website seems to do this and its only getting more popular, 2014 will be the first year you will see more responsive websites being developed than non responsive with the trend reaching fever pitch. With the advent of HTML5 and CSS3 added to the mix you should see mobile responsive websites that act more like an app than a website when viewed on a mobile device.

Check out the latest mobile responsive design we did for a company called Boyle IT Recruitment.

Responsive Design

Parallax Scrolling

A new trend (and possibly a fad in my opinion) is parallax scrolling, as you scroll the website down some elements follow you, we seen one website where a road stretched down the length of the screen and when you scrolled down a car followed you. It was a neat trick and we expect to see this trend become more popular in 2014.

Parallax Scrolling

One Page Websites

Exactly what we said, a whole website on one page, unfortunately a new popular trend we are not in favour off, you might ask us why? Well the biggest factor here is slow loading speeds, we had a company with about 12 pages and lots of content request this, the problem is when you cram all this content to one page the page gets massive, your website responds slowly to users and search engines, you see a big drop in Google and visits. Though its not all bad, one page design is great when your website has very little content, in this case it works, its great for start up companies, someone selling a book or 1 product.

One Page Website

Excellent Typography

In the past we were limited to what we called web fonts, these fonts were a small number of fonts that were present on all devices and we developed the website using one of these safe fonts. This made typography very boring on websites. So now with various tools like Google Fonts where fonts are stored in the cloud and not on your computer we can use really cool fonts, this is such a new trend that people are still experimenting but expect to see more exciting fonts on websites this year.


CMS Websites

We expect to see growth again in content management systems like Joomla and Wordpress allowing website owners to easily login and update their websites.

Wordpress Joomla!

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