Building a Multi-Million Dollar Ecommerce Business with Marketing Budget $0

Not everyone can run an eCommerce business effectively.  Whether it is a Social media, SEO, customer service, Email marketing, shipping and fulfilment, you have to be a jack of all trades to run successful eCommerce business. 

 In other words, to run a successful eCommerce business you must wear many hats.  If you want to be successful and earn multi-million dollar, then you must first clearly understand it is not a small undertaking.  For the key areas, if you cannot afford to delegate any responsibility, just do it yourself until you can afford to hire someone.

Cameron Parker, a manager at an advertising agency, took over the marketing reins of Black Milk Clothing Company and within a few years he transformed the company into a widely successful company, a global sensation. Today the company has grown into a multi-million dollar company of 150 people and distributes its products globally.  They have been able to do all this transformation with a $0 marketing and advertising budget.  Let us try to find out the tactics that have worked for them and also how an emerging eCommerce company can act differently in gaining the necessary traction and become successful.

Zero dollar budget for marketing

The company did not spend a cent on advertising. Not on Google Adwords and no Campaign about the product at all.  The whole growth has been built purely through word-of-mouth - in the organic way.  The promotion was made by a tribe of followers who ran around the world promoting the product.

Social proof of the success

There were tons of competitors for the company when it opened its doors online for the first time. However, it's the strategy that set apart the company. To promote its latest in fashion legwear, a community was formed in James’s original blog ‘TooManyTights’. Through the power of social media, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and across 12 channels the real play started.

The company’s unique design muscle leggings got the company a massive international attention.  They were one of the first to have their product pages embedded with Instagram photos.  Interestingly, they were one of the first companies to use the hash tagging system - and made good profits out of it.  As the topics got trending, the customer base increase and Facebook and Instagram pages were filled with the company's offerings - the biggest social proof of the success of the company.

Recommendation for new entrepreneurs

The company relied on three parameters for its success in social media - authenticity, storytelling and accessibility.  While bringing in authenticity by directly talking to people, each of the product pages had a story. If you buy a product, you get the confirmation mail across to you in your native language, one of the methods used by the company to connect to the people.   

Entrepreneurs who are keen on starting their own eCommerce business can set up a reasonably cheap online store like Shopify store and then develop something unique (and build a community around it).  Yes, if you are innovative enough and have the belief, you might very well start off an eCommerce business with $0 marketing budget. Of course, we are there to help you too with all your needs. If you need any help in social media or want to increase your followers, we will be there providing you the guidance that will help you propel your business forward.

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