Driving Traffic Through Facebook – Taming the Faceook Bull

What is common between a business student with an idea, an entrepreneur with an ambition and an established business person with a goal? Well, first, all of them want to build or increase their market and secondly, all of them are on Facebook themselves! The bull in the marketing arena, Facebook has seen an exponential growth as a marketing tool by businesses in the last decade.

And why not?

The new way for grabbing eyeballs, you have everyone from your friends, nephew to possibly even your grandmother on Facebook! And if you are an entrepreneur, this might just be the gold mine you need to scratch. All you need is a bit of innovation.

Ireland Website Design – How Can We Help Your Facebook Strategy

Marketing isn’t as easy as it was before. In fact it has gotten far more difficult. You will find multiple companies providing the same product and services as yours. So how do you drive traffic to your site – helping it stand out from the other hordes of competitors?

Well, you could use some help from us, maybe? Ireland Website Design helps you out by creating viral Facebook competitions that capture Facebook users’ name and email addresses. That’s not all. We take marketing a step further by inviting users to share this with others in their Facebook friend list. At the end of the competition you have a list of email addresses of people who have entered the competition and would be interested in purchasing your product/service, you can now send them an exclusive offer for this exact same product.

So, how will it help?

Let’s put it this way. You get one person interested, who in turn shares content with their friends, who shares with theirs’ - and the cycle goes on. Once a click by a user goes viral, it doesn’t really take time before that one click turns into thousands. And for €350, which also includes €150 worth of free Facebook advertising, you really do get a bargain from us!

So, what else should you do with Facebook Marketing?

Make sure your business profile is complete.

Let no one see you bid adieu to marketing! First mantra in marketing, you need to have a profile that people use to know you! Once a potential client clicks on a link that leads to your business information, make sure the user gets the complete information at a glance. People’s attention spans are extremely short – probably few seconds! Make the best of that one chance you get when someone gets interested in your services.

Make people know you exist.

Publicity is the key. Apart from what we do, you can also spread the word about your business through a Facebook page. But creating a page isn’t enough. You need likes on your page (that we will help with). Sharing your page at strategic locations and making people notice is a way to climb the ladder of success.

A great and attractive campaign is impressive, but content is still the king.

No doubt you might have a great campaign in mind, but marketing without substance doesn’t fetch much. You might judge a book by its cover at first but you will read it only when it interests you. The cover, for all purposes, is just to help you notice the book. Marketing is to help people notice your product.

Ever wonder what will help those noticing your products/services become customers?

Well, great content of course! Once we deliver the clients at your door, you need to invite them in and hold their attention by having user-friendly content. How do you create such content? Have pictures, quotes, blogs and videos that people can relate to.

Tell them that it matters!

We all love to get noticed and admired! Once you have an established audience on Facebook, make them feel that they are just awesome. Offer small freebies or discounts ‘just for Facebook users’. Nothing makes people happier than knowing they are getting a discount on something the next person is not getting.

Bring on your guns and march your way to success with these basic tips. Of course, when you are ready to roll, Ireland Website Design (www.irelandwebsitedesign.ie) will just help you increase your traffic multiple times while you sit and relax! Facebook is a bull that just needs to be tamed. Thankfully, all you have to do is give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

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